Rozhen Observatory, RHODOPES
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Rozhen Observatory

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Rozhen Observatory is a Bulgarian astronomical observatory, located 90 km south of the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The nearest town, Chepelare, is 15 km away. The Observatory is the largest in Southeastern Europe and has an active team of about 50 astronomers. It is the principal center for astronomical research in Bulgaria.

Shiroka Laka

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Shiroka Laka is a village in the very south of Bulgaria, located in Smolyan municipality, Smolyan Province. It is a proclaimed architectural and folklore reserve and lies in the central Rhodope Mountains, 23 northwest of Smolyan, 16 km from Pamporovo and 22 southeast of Devin. The village has existed at this place since the 17th century and was founded by Bulgarians fleeing from the forcible Islamization conducted by the Ottoman authorities of the time in the Rhodopes.


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Pamporovo is a popular ski resort in Smolyan Province, southern Bulgaria, one of the best-known in Southeastern Europe. It is set amongst magnificent pine forests and is primarily visited during the winter for skiing and snowboarding. It is also a popular tourist place in summer. The hub of Pamporovo comprises a number of excellent hotels and bars. It is also one of the southernmost skiing resorts in Europe. It is a family-friendly resort and suited for complete beginners and intermediates.


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Perelik is the most highest peak in Rhodopes mountain. Perelik is located on 19 km west form Smolyan town.


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Smolyan is a town and ski resort in the far south of Bulgaria near the border with Greece. The town is situated in the valley of the Cherna and the Byala Rivers in the central Rhodopes at the foot of the mountains' highest part south of the popular ski resorts Pamporovo and Chepelare.


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Momchilovtsi is located in South Bulgaria, in the heart of Central Rhodopes. Located high in the mountains at an altitude of 1070-1280 meters. It is located 250 km from Sofia, 96 km from Plovdiv and 14 km from the nearest town of Smolyan. Not far away is a ski resort Pamporovo. Momchilovtsi is a popular destination for rural tourism. Numerous artifacts found in cultivation, testify that the life of Momchilovtsi dates back to the Bronze Age.

Package Information:

  • По желание на клиентите този маршрут може да бъде предложен с различна продължителност (от 1 до няколко дни) - за целта върху базовия предложен маршрут можем да дискутираме спирки, нощувки, хранене и допълнителни атракции и анимация.
  • Описанието на маршрута е примерно. Тръгването може да бъде променяно съобразно желанието и настаняването на клиентите, като е планиран и вариантност на маршрута, в случай че тръгването е от Смолян, Чепеларе, Пловдив и София.
  • Фирмата си запазва правото да променя цените на определените маршрути, в зависимост от групата участници, мястото на тръгване, желанието на участниците да се хранят в местни автентични заведения с характерни за района гозби, желание за преспиване на определено място без да имат резервация за това или при искане от страна на участниците.
  • ЦЕНА НА ПАКЕТА - важи в случай на наемане на целия бус. За повече информация можете да се свържете с нас.

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